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Weight loss common procedures

The most common weight loss procedure today? Safest procedure for weight loss? Easiest weight loss surgery? All of these are questions that may come to your mind before taking a decision to make a a weight loss surgery, especially with the vast range of bariatric surgery procedures offered around the world but choosing...

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Before talking about the liver, I want to share with you an amazing success story that i just got. It was sent to me by someone, and this person is a sonographer, someone who uses ultrasound to help evaluate different organs like liver or kidney abdomen…etc. so you're putting sound waves...


Post-chemo retreat

  welcoming space ahead of time to help you relax and recover you're going to be tired So, As we return to our "normal" lives, how do we carry this newfound sense of well-being forward? Join me as I explore the experiences of this post-chemo retreat and share some tips on integrating...


Detoxify just with food

How to detoxify thousands of toxic chemicals out of your body but do in a way that's very safe. There are many chemicals in our environment bisphenol a pcbs heavy metals certain toxic plastics and bile solids. contact us for more information Naturally a lot of the chemicals from your liver should be...

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