Why to use cod liver for eczema!

what is this skin condition? it’s a condition where you have this red scaly flaky rash on your skin.

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it’s another name for this condition being atopic dermatitis, and then you have psoriasis which is in the same family they’re all related.

Why cod liver oil is one of the best remedies for pretty much any skin problem you have.

fish oils are high in omega-3 fatty acids we’re talking about dha and epa, but cod liver oil has two additional things vitamin a and vitamin d.

Cortisol is an anti-inflammatory it’s used in a lot of skin issues vitamin d in higher amounts is really good for psoriasis and pretty much any type of dermatitis including this right here atopic dermatitis which basically is eczema right their cod liver oil has vitamin a and vitamin d and cod liver oil has omega-3 fatty acids dha and epa these are part of essential fatty acids.

If you look up essential fatty acid deficiency guess what one of the big symptoms is dermatitis which is scaly dry skin. by taking cod of oil you have the combination of omega-3 dha and epa you have vitamin d and vitamin a all in one.


if you’re going to take cod liver oil it’s very important to reduce your omega-6 fatty acids. it’s merely a matter of increasing the omega-3 and decreasing the omega-6 for your skin.


lot of people that do keto, focus on these fats right here coconut oil and butter in their diet and cooking which is great and hopefully they’re reducing the other oils even safflower oil or sunflower oil and the other cooking oils.

here’s the thing coconut oil has zero omega-3 fatty acids and butter has only tiny traces of omega-3 fatty acids so you’re not going to get your omega-3 from coconut or butter you’re going to have to get it from fish sardines like salmon or just cod liver oil.

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