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Before talking about the liver, I want to share with you an amazing success story that i just got.

It was sent to me by someone, and this person is a sonographer, someone who uses ultrasound to help evaluate different organs like liver or kidney abdomen…etc. so you’re putting sound waves in the body to help visualize what’s going on the inside. contact us for more information

I’m a sonographer and I’ve seen it all.

about nine months ago i had a young woman come in for an ultrasound of her abdomen because her liver enzymes were elevated. a lot her liver was looking beyond just fatty. it was dense in what we described as difficult to penetrate. she grew up on processed foods and pop. we chatted a bit and i told her my thoughts on the food industry and its devastating effect it had on humans.

fast forward six months later same patient came back for a follow-up and looked at a previous study before scanning her again, i put my transducer that’s the thing that you actually rub on the outside of the skin that sends sound waves on her abdomen.

i actually thought I had the wrong patient.

previously her liver measured 19 centimeters, that’s enlarged and now it was 14 centimeters which is normal.

i asked her if she had changed her diet? and she said, yes.

she changed over to keto after we talked about it to see what would happen.

so, i showed her what her liver looked like six months prior compared to what it looks like now.

she started crying a happy cry i didn’t tell yet, but i work at a native reservation where everyone’s liver is at least fatty and 80 percent of the population is type 2 diabetic.

this young woman mid-20s by the way was on her way to diabetes she was so excited, and she left knowing she healed herself like her ancestors before her.

she told me she continues to heal, and she did say her brother has started when she did as well and had some encouraging results with him too.

now a lot of people that have a fatty liver also have diabetes. So, what is the connection?

The connection is they’re both caused by the same thing usually and that would be insulin resistance.

what causes insulin resistance too much insulin? anytime we have too much of a certain hormone going into receptor the receptor will protect itself against this excessive communication by becoming resistant or downgraded. that’s what insulin resistance is it’s a compensation.

when we get a resistance to this hormone then the signals don’t get back to the pancreas so we get this lack of return communication it will be similar to someone wearing earplugs as you’re talking to them and they’re not receiving your communication so you’re going to start shouting to them.

same thing happens with insulin.

if we get this resistance at the receptor level at the return communication the pancreas doesn’t get that acknowledgement and so it starts to put out more and more communication and so hormones are communication so now, we have a situation where we have the receipt part is not receiving and the communication part is excessively communicating.

that’s only going to go so far to the point where now the pancreas is going to get tired, it’s exhausted and it’s like okay I’m done with communicating that’s when we get diabetes.

with all this insulin now, which is a storage hormone for glucose and all this carbohydrate that originally created this high insulin, we’re going to get a fatty liver.

so 25 to 46 of the population has a fatty liver. so, when the liver becomes fatty it spills over into the  other organs and around the organs around your gut that’s called visceral fat.

if you were to look down right now and you see something protruding out like your belly is protruding out chances, are you have a fatty liver? if you had an ultrasound, you probably could see that you have a fatty liver.

what can you do?

very simply, you’re going to cut your carbs down you’re  going to bring your sugars down to zero number two you’re gonna stop snacking okay because every  time you eat you trigger insulin and then you’re  gonna start doing intermittent fasting so you’re  gonna drop your breakfast do just two meals for right now and then i would also recommend adding choline to your diet.

because choline can help you speed up the process to get this fat off the liver.

now just as a side note artificial sweeteners okay like in diet soda can also create insulin resistance but overall this is the plan.

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