Successful Cleft Lip Surgery (on 8 month old)

An Eight Months Old Baby Gets Successful Cleft Lip Surgery Patient name: Adam Country of origin: Jordan Age: 8 Months Gender: Male Doctor Name: DR AMR MABROUK, MAXILLOFACIAL PLASTIC SURGEEON Hospital Name: PRIVATE Treatment: Cleft Lip Surgery Check out the full video here: ADAM a cute little boy from Ethiopia, was born with a cleft lip which is a congenital anomaly. His...


Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment in Germany: What You Need to Know?

The patient's and their family members' physical and mental health suffers after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Additionally, life may be challenging for you if you have an advanced stage diagnosis. But a few years ago, things were different. Modern treatment can significantly enhance the quality of life for people with...


Neuroendocrine Tumor : A Leading Destination

Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment - Germany: A Leading Destination The German healthcare system places a high priority on patient well-being, ensuring that patients are treated with compassion throughout their treatment course. Germany has established a reputation as a top location for the treatment of Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) as a result of its sophisticated...


Spine Surgery in The USA – Top Hospitals in 2023

It is vital to select the right hospital for spine surgery in order to provide patients with the best outcomes possible. The United States, renowned for its excellent healthcare system, boasts outstanding hospitals focused on spine surgery. These medical facilities combine the knowledge of: highly qualified surgeons cutting-edge technology dedication to providing top-notch treatment. In comparison...

dental-care-package-scaling-polishing-teeth-whitening-Dental-price-averages-in-Egypt-Market- is the-lowest-implants- crowns-veneers-hollywood-smile

Dental price averages in Egypt Market, is the lowest!

dental price averages in Egypt Market, is the lowest? What problems result from fitting one porcelain tooth? There are some minor damages that can be dealt with:      Difficulty speaking and swallowing food after the installation of one porcelain tooth.      An increase in saliva secretion in the period following the installation of one tooth.      Increased sensitivity,...


Egypt safe summer campaign by The Circle Care

Egypt safe summer campaign by The Circle Care protects travelers, giving them valuable experiences (in both tourism and medical treatments), full customer support and fixed quotations. Egypt safe summer campaign by The Circle Care has successfully contributed to helping insured and non-insured tourists in experiencing unique medical services, through different initiatives. “Our...

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