Detoxify just with food

How to detoxify thousands of toxic chemicals out of your body but do in a way that’s very safe.

There are many chemicals in our environment bisphenol a pcbs heavy metals certain toxic plastics and bile solids. contact us for more information

Naturally a lot of the chemicals from your liver should be coming out with the help of bile.

also, the microbes in your gut help you detoxify and they also have the ability to make this enzyme to help you break down these poisons.


and one of the things I really recommend is to combine this with this so if you were to take a pre-biotic which is like a fiber let’s say cabbage and we ferment it into sauerkraut cabbage is not just cruciferous but it’s a prebiotic and a probiotic, so sauerkraut is a great food to help you detoxify.

it’s all about cruciferous vegetables and a really big effect is the ability of cruciferous vegetables to induce bile transformation. So this is one thing you should be consuming on a regular basis : kale, broccoli, brussels, sprouts, Cabbage, arugula, book choy.


The cool thing about doing this with food is it happens slowly so you don’t really feel it. Now there’s many other different vegetables and herbs that will help you detoxify, garlic is a big one, rosemary, thyme and clove all have this enzyme.

Detoxify  – TAKE BILE SALT

Although your body makes bile, yet  you can also take bile this is very very important.

Anytime you do a detox you should always start by taking bile salts for a few days and then do your detox. when you start to detoxify and you start killing off  certain pathogens, they release endotoxins that  then shut down the bile ducts and that’s why you might feel toxic from detoxifying so bile salts help you eliminate.


Another thing to realize is a lot of these chemicals create a lot of free radical damage in the body and the foods that you eat have antioxidants but your body also makes antioxidants.

This is called endogenous antioxidants especially when you fast when you’re doing fasting, you’re putting your body in the state of autophagy which not only accelerates repairing the damage in the body, and clearing out of pathogens, but also fasting helps increase your endogenous antioxidant networks. So, you’ll have a lot more antioxidants not to mention your immune system is stronger and the body will resist the stress from the free radical damage.

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