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Weight loss common procedures

The most common weight loss procedure today?
Safest procedure for weight loss?
Easiest weight loss surgery?

All of these are questions that may come to your mind before taking a decision to make a a weight loss surgery, especially with the vast range of bariatric surgery procedures offered around the world but choosing the right weight loss surgery abroad is largely dependent on your unique situation.

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First, what is the most common weight loss procedures?

  • gastric bypass

–  20 years ago, was the starting point, it is done by reducing the stomach size by cutting across the top of the stomach then attaches the pouch to the small intestine so that food bypasses the stomach and enters directly into the small intestine, Surgical staples are used in place of traditional stitches that help to prevent leaking and post-surgery complications.

– It takes about two hours using general anesthesia and then spend between 2 to 3 days in the hospital.

– Done by placing an inflatable silicone band around the stomach to create a small pouch towards the top. It works on slowing down food consumption and limiting the food that the body need.

– A small tube connects the gastric band; this is how the band can be tightened after surgery. it is placed just beneath the surface of the skin, through this, a saline solution can be inserted into the band to expand it, thus increasing the size of the stomach further over time which help to lose more weight.

– It takes about two hours using general anesthesia and then spend between 2 to 3 days in the hospital.

– Has had FDA approval for less than four years, it is done by removing a large part of the stomach so it’s much smaller than it was before with no redirecting of the intestines is needed. It helps lose the weight by limiting the quantity of food that body is able to take in.

– It takes about two hours using general anesthesia and then spend between 2 to 3 days in the hospital.

  • Endoscopic intragastrical Balloon(Gastric Balloon)

– A gastric balloon is a balloon filled with air or salt water that is inserted into the stomach using a thin tube passed down the throat. Which reduce the size of the stomach and the amount of food that the body takes in, thus reducing weight.

– The balloon is left for maximum of 6 months, then it is taken out.

  • Duodenal Switch Surgery

– complex procedure to lose weight, it is done by removing 60% to 70% of the stomach so that the stomach takes the shape of a tube, then divide the lower intestine much further downstream than with gastric bypass so that two thirds or more of the intestine is bypassed, leaving only a few feet of intestine where food and digestive enzymes meet.

How to choose the best weight loss surgery?

  • gastric bypass, is good for people with severe reflux disease, People with diabetes and People with high BMI
  • Lap band (gastric banding), is good for people with BMI of 30–35, people with obesity-related complications, people with no effect on non-surgical approaches
  • Gastric Sleeve, is good for people with High-risk, people with severe heart disease and people with lung problems
  • Endoscopic intragastrical Balloon(Gastric Balloon), is good for people with body mass index (BMI) is between 30 and 40. people with willing to commit to healthy lifestyle changes, get regular medical follow-up, people with no any previous stomach or esophageal surgery.
  • Duodenal Switch, is good for people severe obesity, people with severe metabolic disease.

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