Medical tourism in Egypt.. Marhaba!!

The price of cosmetic surgery become much more expensive, Operations like liposuction surgery can be up to 80% cheaper abroad. This has caused citizens to look outside of their borders and seek treatment overseas. We can help you to know more, please contact us

Besides the low prices, are there any other benefits to do operations abroad? Of course, there are a lot of benefits:

  • With a small amount of money, you can get more efficient health care, some of the best doctors are going abroad anyway
  • Get some cosmetic care, dental care, or any other kind of care that not covered by traditional health insurance.
  • Time is gold, traveling abroad saves you time as you can start the surgery or treatment whenever you want. And it wouldn’t take a long
  • Providing a new and advanced treatment with the highest levels of medical skill and technology.
  • Most importantly, enjoy the beautiful scenery in new Places (Take a look on our TOUR PACKAGES)

We recommend medical tourism in Egypt, why?

Egypt is one of 46 global destinations ranked within the 2020-2021 Medical Tourism Index. You can find the 46 destinations here 2020-21 Medical Tourism Index Infographic

The price of cosmetic surgeries in Egypt is not as high as the rest of the world, also Egypt has new technology and hospitals for plastic surgery and liposuction, with specialized doctors.
Number of days in plastic surgery hospital is 1 to 3 days but patients may spend more than 3 days in hospital If he does more than one surgery.

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