Successful Cleft Lip Surgery (on 8 month old)

An Eight Months Old Baby Gets Successful Cleft Lip Surgery

Patient name: Adam

Country of origin: Jordan

Age: 8 Months

Gender: Male


Hospital Name: PRIVATE

Treatment: Cleft Lip Surgery

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ADAM a cute little boy from Ethiopia, was born with a cleft lip which is a congenital anomaly. His parents were worried about his condition and wanted to choose the best hospital for his treatment. They considered various options like Thailand and Turkey. Finally, they contacted THE CIRCLE CARE for assistance and decided to come to Egypt.

During their consultation with Dr. Amr Mabrouk (a Senior Consultant & Head of the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Department at Ainshams), he advised upon a cleft lip surgery for the child. Adam was also suffering from a common cold and was first treated by a pulmonologist before the surgery. The surgery was performed successfully, and the family is happy with the results.

During their month-long stay in Egypt, Adam and his parents found unwavering support and care from The Circle Care’s dedicated team of case managers. These professionals not only assisted them through every step of their medical journey but also enveloped them in a familial embrace, ensuring that they never felt disconnected from the warmth and comfort of their home.

We wish Adam a healthy life ahead.

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