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The risks of medical care abroad

Despite the expansion of the medical tourism, few standards exist to ensure that these businesses organize high-quality, competent international health care specially with the limited data on clinical outcomes associated with medical travel, so how patients can reduce the risk of receiving medical care abroad?

The most 5 important factors by which you evaluate your medical journey

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1- delays in obtaining care in national health-care facilities makes patient tend to travel and get care abroad, so Time and speed of treatment is the most important reason

2- Care should be arranged only at accredited health-care facilities with latest technology and the most efficient doctors

3- following up in case of return to home country

4- meet ethical and legal standards governing privacy and confidentiality of medical records and patient information.

5- Tell the patient in full transparency about his trip and give enough time to determine his approval or rejection of the offer.

Before thinking of taking medical care abroad , make sure that

1- Your health and medical reports confirm your ability to travel and receive treatment abroad

2- Your health insurance

3- You have enough money

4- You have chosen a good company that will follow all the above-mentioned steps to reduce the risks of your trip

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