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Dental price averages in Egypt Market, is the lowest!

dental price averages in Egypt Market, is the lowest?

What problems result from fitting one porcelain tooth?

There are some minor damages that can be dealt with:

  •      Difficulty speaking and swallowing food after the installation of one porcelain tooth.
  •      An increase in saliva secretion in the period following the installation of one tooth.
  •      Increased sensitivity, especially when consuming hot or cold drinks.
  •      Pain in the jaw if the fixed tooth is exposed to any problems
  •      The installation process requires the complete removal of the missing tooth nerve.
  •      Great need for care and attention to brushing teeth after every meal at least, before bed, and reducing the consumption of colored foods, tea and coffee.

For this reason, instead of suffering in silence, you may come to Egypt.


Egypt offers competitive dental prices:

Compared to the manpower, technology used in dentistry and competent doctors, Egypt offers globally competitive prices, and this highlights affordability without global demand.

Government support

The Egyptian government may provide some support or subsidy for dental care, making it more accessible and possibly reducing costs for patients.

“We are proud to lead a campaign of “fixed cost, high quality” campaign,  our case managers are dedicating a massive collective efforts to protect the patients/travellers, reflecting, The Circle Care’s value, and main purpose,” said Ahmed Saad, The Circle Care’s Communication Director.

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