Egypt safe summer campaign by The Circle Care

Egypt safe summer campaign by The Circle Care protects travelers, giving them valuable experiences (in both tourism and medical treatments), full customer support and fixed quotations.

Egypt safe summer campaign by The Circle Care has successfully contributed to helping insured and non-insured tourists in experiencing unique medical services, through different initiatives.

“Our sole focus this summer has been to raise awareness among travelers coming to Egypt regarding the importance of using a medical case manager before their journey; to facilitate their medical needs, and to provide a ‘safe’ summer experience. That is why we initiated Egypt’s safe summer campaign.” said Dalia Hashem, Chairperson of The Circle Care for medical second opinion.

The Circle Care was able to provide to hundreds of tourists , a very speedy consultations, fixed bundled check ups, recovery physiotherapy sessions, as well as detox, and weight-loss retreats.

Starting from 5 major destinations;

  • Greater Cairo
  • Sharm Al Sheikh
  • Luxor, Mansoura
  • Aswan
  • Hurghada
  • North Coas

We were successful in making corporate deals with more than 25 hospitals, 15 eye centers and, 16 labs and radiology centers.

Patients and travelers were able to use these facilities throughout the summer season with fixed, per-negotiated costs.

In addition to that, The Circle Care innovative combo packages for mommies, dental, full body laser and, golden age check ups  are all represented in our valuable ON-LINE SHOP.

Also fixed price list were made available for website visitors to check average prices for elective operations while enjoying a carefree vacation.

More than three hundred website visitors, sent us asking for details, on a monthly basis.


The Circle Care’s Mega check up programs,  are the highest in demand, due to the very low cost in comparison to all neighboring countries and less waiting time compared to Europe , Canada, United states and the Middle East .

“We are proud to lead a campaign of “fixed cost, high quality”,  our case managers are dedicating massive collective efforts to protect the patients and travelers. Reflecting The Circle Care’s value  and main purpose,” said Ahmed Saad, The Circle Care’s Communication Director.

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We follow- up with you even after you return back to your home country, We even have remote follow-up services

I’m glad to inform you that, we have specialized doctors and they speak many languages (Arabic – English – Italian – German)

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