Doctors and Centers partners

      Relying on a connected, unified electronic medical system can provide many benefits to individuals and families who desire it.
      Saving time and effort, obtaining an accurate medical opinion from a different doctor, unified prices, reducing financial exploitation, referring to one party in the event of any complaint… and improving communication and dealing with clients and the medical teamThe Circle Care your guide to medical tourism in Egypt.

Our partner Doctors and centers are committed to providing the highest level of care using advanced technologies and evidence-based practices.

The Circle Care and Partners

Search by specialty: You can easily find a doctor who specializes in your specific needs through us.
Get to know the doctors: Get to know Ana’s doctors and partner centers by reading their profiles, which include information about their qualifications, experience, and areas of expertise.
Make an appointment: Make an appointment with the doctor or partner center directly through our website.

Patient Portal:  Patients are asked to directly access the partner physician’s online portal for appointment scheduling, lab results, and secure messaging.
Virtual Tours: Provide virtual tours of partner centers, showcasing their facilities and equipment, and creating a sense of familiarity before the visit.

Insurance and billing information: Provide clear information about insurance plans accepted by the partner doctor or center.
Patient Safety Initiatives:  Adherence to online patient safety protocols.

Check the link: Egypt Price List

We offer a wide range of specialties to meet your individual needs, from primary care and pediatrics to cardiology, orthopedics and more.

Comfort and accessibility: an essential advantage for our patients

Accessible facilities: Buildings and clinics designed with accessibility in mind, including wide entrances, flat surfaces, elevators,

Trained staff: Training staff on how to effectively communicate with and provide care to patients with disabilities.

Clear information: Providing easy-to-understand written and oral information in multiple languages, taking into account the needs of patients with learning or cognitive difficulties.

Flexible Payment Options: Providing multiple payment options, including cash, credit cards and bank transfers, to ensure ease of payment for all patients.

Designated parking: Providing designated parking spaces for patients with disabilities near building entrances.

Transportation Services: Providing transportation services for patients who have difficulty reaching the facility on their own.

Our associates share our commitment to providing a positive and personalized patient experience.