Cellulite | The hidden reason and how to deal with it properly

Most people spend hours at the gym doing exercises to try to tone those areas and without any results.

It’s extremely frustrating and that is because of this one simple fact ……Cellulite that jiggly stuff on your hips and thighs is actually not fat, it’s one of two things:


you’ve lymph nodes through here for the immune system you have them through the abdomen you have them on the thighs are all over the place. they can create a lot of inflammation and soreness when you press in them. So, a lot of women that have a stagnant lymph situation in that area it looks just like cheese, it’s like a kind of a jiggly type of fluid retentive thing.

Cellulite, well, guess what!

sodium and potassium work as a kind of an alternative opposite effect. So, if you high in sodium retain fluid, if you’re high in potassium you can get rid of the fluid retention.

if you have lymphedema or swelling or edema or fluid in your lymph and you’re not getting potassium no wonder it’s not working.

so a real big tip would be to start to spike up your vegetable content to get enough potassium to push some of this fluid out.

potassium is a real hard mineral to get to i.e you would have to consume about 7 up to 9 possibly 10 depending on your size cups of vegetable to get your potassium  or at least 12 bananas….

here’s what I recommend take a blender put some kale in there, put some spinach in there, beet tops by the way have the most potassium out of anything on the planet.

you blend it put a little bit of berry in there may be blueberry may be strawberry blend it up with water drink one of those a day.

like fill it up here and then drink half and then drink another half the other part of the day maybe add some avocados so there start increasing more potassium to your diet.

  1. the other cause of cellulite usually happens when you get in your 40s and your 50s when you get close to menopause. AND THE REASON FOR THAT IS YOUR ADRENAL GLANDS which are little glands on top of the kidney there’s stress glands, they’re the backup organ to the ovaries. and so at age 52 or even before that the ovaries stop working they start stopped laying or releasing eggs.

the adrenal gland because they make the same hormones start having to do more work and they start backing up the ovary.

if they’re stressed out going into menopause that’s when you have a lot of problems, with weight gain after menopause, hot flashes and…etc.

but if there’s a problem with adrenal during that period of time one of the symptoms is atrophy.

What is atrophy?

Atrophy is a shrinkage of your own lean body mass at your muscles.

what do you do for that situation? you would want to strengthen the adrenals find something that targets and strengthens these adrenals and improve them.  contact us to help you

part of that is sleeping and doing the right exercise and aligning your lifestyle with it with the support of the adrenal but there but this is what I’m trying to say is instead of just trying to burn off this so-called fat on your hips why don’t you just fix the adrenal it’s a lot easier.

so those are the two underlying reasons for cellulite and I want you to now apply some of the stuff


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