Eczema, seven strategies to eliminate


Terrible case of eczema ….

I’m itching all the time

Have to put all these steroids….

is there anything I can do besides take these drugs to suppress my immune system?

well, the answer is yes!!!

eczema is a sign that your body is inflamed.

it’s red and raw and inflamed and the solution is in putting stuff on your body. figuring out what’s wrong inside your body, to get to the root of the problem you have to look at the root causes of eczema which are often disturbances in our immune system.

we’re overreacting to something that’s happening to us or in us.


it’s often caused by a leaky gut.

which means your gut is not normal you’ve got a breakdown in the barrier when the cells stuck together, and you know what the food and bugs leak in and cause inflammation in your body and that leads to food sensitivities like gluten and dairy and other foods that can trigger eczema. it’s linked to allergies, and it’s even often linked to abnormal gut flora like yeast.

Two of the biggest things I see with eczema are people who are having suffering from it abnormal reactions to food (food sensitivities) and from an overgrowth of bad bugs particularly. So, getting rid of the bad bugs and getting rid of the yeast often makes a huge difference but there are other things that can happen you can have topical things that cause a problem


I remember a lady came to see me he was about 60 years old, and she had like eczema all over her back all of her legs all of her abdomen she was miserable, and she was taking steroids and trying to calm it down and she wanted to know if she could get help.

we found out that her diet was super high in sugar and carbs and processed food which increases yeast in the gut and that she was allergic to dairy and then she’d also taken lots of antibiotics over the years, which had also increased the yeast

  1. I gave her a drug called Diflucan it’s an antifungal now you can use herbs, but I find in many patients it works really well
  2. We put in probiotics
  3. Then we gave her some zinc and vitamin A
  4. We gave her some fish oil
  5. Evening primrose oil
  6. Some vitamin D
  7. Just basic nutrients to help her gut heal and repair.

we got rid of  bad foods we got rid of the ease and her immune system function better, and the eczema completely went away and she lost 60 pounds in the process.


  • it’s very possible to fix gut it’s very possible to get rid of eczema by simply following some simple concepts. Like, elimination diets like normalizing your gut flora like taking the right nutrients.
  • I encourage you to if you’re interested in trying something out and want to get started try out the 10-day detox diet contact us 
  • it’s a great way to reset your immune system, a great way to get healthy, and a great way to get rid of the inflammatory foods and put in the anti-inflammatory foods.

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