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Research indicates that millions of US residents travel for medical care each year. Also about 15,000 Australians travel overseas for medical treatment each year.

But why? This blog will help you understand what it takes to plan a medical trip abroad, for more information contact us

Egyot can offer access to high-quality care at a lower cost, or even procedures unavailable in your home country. But it’s important to do your research carefully to ensure you get the best possible care and avoid any unexpected complications.  Come to Egypy, Why?

  • Egypt is a popular medical tourism destinations and the providers that operate there.
  • Most traditional health insurance plans won’t cover medical procedures performed abroad. Egypt do.
  • After your treatment, it’s important to factor in recovery time in your destination. You’ll also need to follow up with your doctor at home to ensure a smooth recovery. This the circle care rule

Beside from the lower costs, there are a lot of benefits of medical, dental, cosmetic…,etc tourism such as:

  • expert specialist care
  • access to procedures not available in your home-country
  • enjoying new destination
  • reduced waiting times
  • superior service
  • high quality; not just in facilities but also in the physician’s themselves

Does medical tourism have any risks?

Of course, there are risks to everything no matter how high the benefits are. Fortunately, we have the solutions!

  • For lower quality surgical skills

You can contact with us  to provide you with the highest quality doctors, take a look at our Testimonials 

  • Lack of follow-up after the operation

We follow- up with you even after you return back to your home country, We even have remote follow-up services

  • Language Barriers

I’m glad to inform you that, we have specialized doctors and they speak many languages (Arabic – English – Italian – German)

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