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Treatment for heart disease using stem cells

What types of heart disease can be treated with stem cells?

The goal of a stem cell transplant is to cure the cancer. But Patients with cardiac diseases; from coronary heart disease to congestive heart failure, are excellent candidates for the stem cell treatments using catheterization technique.

Ischemic heart disease

Stem cells may help regenerate damaged heart tissue after a heart attack.

Heart failure

Stem cells may help improve heart function and reduce symptoms of heart failure.


Stem cells may help repair or regenerate damaged heart muscle in people with cardiomyopathy.

Stem cell therapy at the Stem Cells Transplant Institute may be a good alternative for patients seeking a safe, non-surgical treatment for cardiovascular disease.

Treatment for heart disease using stem cells has been shown reverse the narrowing of the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the heart and had also led to the establishment of new blood vessels that supply oxygen to the heart.

Treatment for heart disease using stem cells, And why 

Stem cell repair damaged tissue by releasing factors that promote regeneration of healthy stem cells which reduce inflammation, promote the growth of new blood vessels, inhibit cell death, and reduce hypertrophy

What are the negative effects of stem cell therapy?

To be aware of all the information, the treatment, of course, will have some risks (as is the case in any treatment), but all the risks  are not measured with the benefit of the treatment

1- Mouth pain.

2- Nausea.

3- Interstitial pneumonitis and other lung problems.

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