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With the development of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is credited with identifying cancers faster. As obtained tissue slices are routinely used to accurately find the origins of secondary tumors of patients with cancer. In addition to identifing the tumor as primary or secondary with anticipation of its original location.

Usually in cases of cancer, it is difficult for the doctor to determine the primary site of tumors. With a ratio of 1% to 2%, and until the disease is discovered by itself, the patient undergoes many examinations. Which causes a delay in treatment and a deterioration in the health status.

Let me tell you about that test that Google Health conducted in cooperation with Imperial College London. They designed, developed and trained a computer program to examine x-ray images of about 29,000 women.

The result was that it recognized 90% faster and more efficiently than six specialists in reading x-rays.

Furthermore, proving that artificial intelligence has a great future. Of course, artificial intelligence does not replace the doctor in the clinic, but instead of having two doctors, one doctor will suffice.

So, How will artificial intelligence help?
Detecting cancers faster, which helps to start treatment early.

Reducing deaths resulting from misdiagnosis of tumors (benign or not).

Reducing the workload of the radiologist

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