chemotherapy – Reduce the side effects

let’s talk about how to reduce or minimize the side effects from chemotherapy. and for more information, contact us 

There are three big problems with chemotherapy


chemotherapy does not differentiate between healthy cells and cancer cells. it destroys them both


It creates significant side effects that are sometimes even worse than the cancer itself, here’s some side effects fatigue:

  • hair loss bruising
  • infections secondary
  • infection anemia nauseousness vomiting
  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhea reactivation of viruses like herpes
  • weight loss not the good kind of weight loss that you want I’m talking about loss of muscle
  • mood changes

it weakens the immune system with chemotherapy. there’s a high rate of cancer returning because you’re also lowering your ability to recover. So, whether you decide to use chemotherapy alternative to radiation therapy, I want to at least give you some things that you can do to minimize the side effects and handle the damage control if you decide to go the route of chemo:

  • realize that cancer lives on sugar and glutamate. which is an amino acid and if you look at the strategy of starving off the cancer that might be a very good strategy and I’m talking about going on keto reducing your carbohydrates and sugar and also reducing the amount of glutamate in the body.

The problem is glutamate is in so many different foods but it’s not in fatty foods so some people they go up with their fat a smaller amount of protein and sometimes they use an amino acid powder instead of actual protein which gives them the key amino acids that they need without too much glutamate, but when you’re doing a minute of fasting you’re actually cutting down the most potential protective factors against chemicals and the other very cool thing about this protective property in green tea is that it reduces glutamate the actual food for cancer so, it will protect against the chemo. It lowers glutamate it can decrease the spread of cancer; it can also decrease the tumor size.

So, if you decided to chemo, you should be on green team also as a side note taking green tea will not minimize the effect of chemo and on top of that there.

two additional things that would recommend chlorophyll in the form of wheatgrass

  • juice powder that can actually protect you
  • cruciferous vegetables.

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