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Gastric sleeve surgery – and why!

what should I do if my BMI is 35 or higher, and I have a serious weight-related health problems (type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea…etc.)? and I am tired of doing exercise and never losing weight.

Well Gastric sleeve surgery or vertical sleeve gastrectomy is the solution for you. contact us 

Gastric sleeve surgery or vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a simple surgical procedure in which the stomach is reduced by 60% to 85%, which limits the amount of food that your body can physically eat and begins to lose weight.

Benefits of Gastric sleeve surgery:

  • 1- No malabsorption involved with this procedure
  • 2- Doesn’t bypass the intestinal tract
  • 3- Fits patients who are enduring anemia, Crohn’s disease

Before the Gastric sleeve

  • For two days prior to surgery, you will have a liquid diet. Which mean you will have (water, decaffeinated coffee, tea… etc.)

After the Gastric sleeve

  • For the first week after the procedure, you will continue with the same liquid diet.
  • For the second week after surgery, you will be able to a have (fruit juices without pulp, yogurt, ice cream,)
  • For the third week after surgery, you can add soft, pureed foods to your diet such as (cooked, pureed white fish, soft-scrambled or soft-boiled eggs, soup, cheese, canned fruit in juice, mashed bananas, hummus)

gastric sleeve VS lap band

In lap band surgery, a band is wrapped around the top of the stomach, leaving only a small part of it that can work as a stomach.

gastric sleeve surgery, doctors remove part of the stomach, creating a smaller, sleeve-shaped stomach.

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