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Nervous system 

It is a complex group of nerves and specialized cells known as neurons system.  is the body’s master control system.

It’s a complex network of nerves and cells that transmits signals throughout the body, allowing us to think, move, feel, and react to our surroundings.

The nervous system is divided into two parts:

  • the central nervous system
  • the peripheral nervous system.

It may seem something complicated to deal with and to identify whether it is healthy or not, especially since it is not visible to normal eye! here is when you need a neurologist.

Who is he?

A neurologist is specialist who treat diseases of the brain, and nerves system (both the central and the peripheral nervous system).

How can neurologist help me?

This is the time to visit a neurologist. If you are experiencing:

  • chronic headaches
  • nerve pain
  • unexplained tremors in your body
  • trouble sleeping
  • cramps
  • persistent dizziness
  •  loss of strength

Do not worry about visiting a neurologist, neurologists do not perform surgeries, However they can refer patients who need surgery to a difficult surgeon, and the task of the neurologist is to supervise and monitor the situation.

The neurologist’s treatment consists of painkillers, medications, and Vitamins.

If you are suffering from any symptoms that may be related to a neurological condition, you can contact us so that we can quickly find a solution together

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