Warning signs you never want to ignore.

There are 11 warning signs that you don’t want to ignore, contact us to help you

let’s go ahead and get into some of the warning signs of a much more serious problem.

  • If you have LEFT ARM PAIN

that could be a heart problem, so you want to get that checked out could mean that the heart is going into a cramp and because the hearts on the left side it can affect the nerves on that side and it can shoot right down.

  • About CHEST PAIN

that can also be a heart problem, for sure it could be a blocked coronary artery and you want to get that checked. out one of the best tests for the heart would be something called a C AC test (coronary artery calcification test) …..it’s very fast it’s not that expensive!!


this could mean that you are having a stroke, or you just had a stroke and that basically is a blood clot that’s lodged into the brain somewhere and some artery and it’s stopping circulation in a part of your brain and the speech centers could be affected. I’m kind of so you want to get that checked out, and also if you have a symptom of a stroke it’s very important to go to the doctor immediately because they can do things to reverse the damage, if you get there in time.

  • when you COUGHING A BLOOD get that checked out.

That is actually a very bad indicator of a deep problem.


let’s say for example you just noticed the left side of your body is numb or it’s it’s paralyzed or you can’t see out of your left eye.so, this could be a symptom of a stroke get it checked out as fast as you can.


when you’re not doing a diet you just start losing weight. get it checked out this could we beat cancer.


could mean a lot of different things. something you just ate you could even vomit if you have a kidney stone or some type of obstruction, but it’s usually related to foods but if there’s no connection to foods just get it checked out.

  • ENTIRE LEG SWELLING UP, especially on the left side

that could be related to heart get it checked down.

  • you have this RASH IN YOUR BODY.

Rash in your body that is growing and it’s becoming bigger and bigger and bigger. get that checked out.


let’s say for example you have some abdominal pain and it’s just persisting no matter what you do. maybe you can do an MRI or something to find out where that’s coming from.


that will not go away normally these infections should last anywhere between ten days to two weeks. if it keeps going on for a week after week get it checked out.

those are the eleven warning signs and probably the most important thing to do is to focus on bulletproofing yourself, so you never have any of these symptoms at all.

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