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I went on vacation with my family a few days ago. One day after returning to the hotel I felt a weird pain in my side! Next thing you know I’m looking for hospitals and clinics  abroad…

Let me tell you, it isn’t enough to judge a clinic on the surface based on the experience of other patients/reviews. You need an expert to tell you whether or not you can trust them.

When I surfed the Internet to find the hospital the nearest to me… I could not decide which is the best. but I found this blog that I want to share with you.

Here are 5 must asked question when choosing clinics abroad

1- Is the hospital / clinic internationally accredited?

Thanks to Joint Commission International (JCI), QHA Trent Accreditation, and Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI). Hospitals given this license meet certain healthcare standards. Patients are involved in their care decisions and doctors transfer information to the patient for follow-up care, cleanses….etc.

2- Are the doctors there specialists?

Profile of the doctor is the first step for you to get to know more about the care you will receive.

Get to know more about the doctor’s experience, to determine his efficiency.

You can find that out by knowing how many operations the doctor has performed, and what was the overall success rate.

3- What kind of technologies and medical equipment does the hospital/clinic have?

Technological development in the field of medicine has made many modern techniques for the one procedure. Therefore, it is important to ask them whether they are of the latest standards or not, and the techniques they use in the hospital.

4- Is the hospital/clinic safe?

Hospital tends to provide information about the level of safety it has, so make sure to take a look.

5- Is it worth the price?

It is good to make a list of the hospitals you have chosen, as prices may vary for the same medical condition in the same country. You can compare the best price and health care to save yourself from spending too much money.

You can avoid wasting your energy and time in an independent search for a doctor, hospital or clinic and try us in the field of medical tourism. We take care of everything!! From booking consultations to helping with your travel arrangements.

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