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The Circle Care Facilitator have a user friendly website with easily filled forms, providing advanced quotations and pre online consultations for major surgeries… we efficiently handle our calls


1.We have ready-made Patient’s Bundled Packages. We also provide you with signed

contracts: a smart way to protect you and your family, from any frauds or


2. We partner with trusted affiliations to build credibility, with only accredited

hospitals and other businesses, as proof of quality and legitimacy.

·we check out the medical subspecialties at the facility.

·we check physicians accreditations and reputation.

·we research the hospital’s reputation among the local residents and previous patients.

3. We choose the right hospital and doctor, on your behalf, to increase successful outcomes with due diligence:

4. We fulfill your needs to be located near the hospital , book you a hotel orapartment not too far away from the medical facility in case of a medical emergency or just for convenience sake.