During the treatment, person accompanying can stay with patient in hospital room with patient (except in case of ICU). If required, The Circle Care will help you talk to local vendors to arrange a temporary guest rooms / dormitories / service apartment or all-type-star hotel accommodation depending upon your budget. Usual experience is, when a localité is involved in the commercial discussion, the people will not take you on a ride. We want your experience in Egypt pleasant and we will ensure that you are comfortable during an entire stay.

All our network hospitals accept major national and international credit and debit cards. Payments can be made via bank transfer as well. Details for bank transfer will be shared with you as and when needed.

Yes, our team will be present at the airport to receive you.

  1. Invitation letter from hospital which is mandatory for medical visa
  2. Complimentary Airport transfers
  3. Assistance in accommodation pre and post discharge
  4. Arranging a sim-card on arrival, free of cost
  5. Assistance in exchanging foreign exchange at the best rate available
  6. Free city tour for one day
  7. Arranging any follow up calls post discharge
  8. If not satisfied, we will arrange a second opinion, free of cost
  9. Courier you the medicines at your home country, in case you have trouble locating them, with actual cost.


Would request you to send your medical query to on our website or by emailing us on info@thecirclecare.com OR via WhatsApp on +20-1128821002, our case manager will get in touch with you and hand hold you at every step

On the contrary, it would be more expensive as the hospitals offer us special rates which are then passed on to the end user

Following consultation with us, we will accommodate all special requirements where-ever possible. Please let us know of your requirements in advance, so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you.

Once you have provided your present condition including medical history and reports, the information will be reviewed and examined by the specialists of affiliated hospitals, accordingly will get back to you with total estimate of your treatment.

If you require any additional/ specific services, we can also communicate any additional costs beforehand, so there are no financial surprises for you

Yes, our team will arrange for a tele/video call with the doctor on a time and date convenient to both of you.

You may share your medical reports either on our website or by emailing us on info@thecirclecare.com OR  via WhatsApp on +20-1128821002