All our network hospitals accept major national and international credit and debit cards. Payments can be made via bank transfer as well. Details for bank transfer will be shared with you as and when needed.

On the contrary, it would be more expensive as the hospitals offer us special rates which are then passed on to the end user

Once you have provided your present condition including medical history and reports, the information will be reviewed and examined by the specialists of affiliated hospitals, accordingly will get back to you with total estimate of your treatment.

If you require any additional/ specific services, we can also communicate any additional costs beforehand, so there are no financial surprises for you

No, we do not charge any fees from our patients who use our services. All payments need to be made directly to the hospital.

Absolutely not, Egypt has one of the best qualified doctors in each and every field with success rate comparable to the west. The low cost can be attributed to several reasons like lower costs of operations, favorable currency conversion against the dollar and also the high population helps the hospitals to spread their cost across various patients.

For all medical interventions, a complete blood analysis is necessary.

  • Blood formula
  • Blood group
  • Haemostasis
  • Urea
  • Glycaemia
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • HIV

For a breast surgery, a mammography is necessary (this can be done in Egypt ). For eye surgery, an ophthalmology examination is required.

For patients over 50, a cardiogram is required.

For dental implants, an OPG is required. These preliminary examinations must be made by your own doctor and are not included in the tariffs.

As a first step, they are essential to us so that we can confirm that there are no medical reasons for not undergoing the operation. They will complete the medical file that will be presented to your surgeon and anesthetist during the pre-operatory examination