The procedure is pain-free to a degree. In fact, patients can listen to music, or watch a movie, and even fall asleep during the operation. However, there is a tolerable presence of a minor pain during the anesthetic injection. 

For those patients who do not prefer needles, there is a needle-free option with a sedative chemical applied to the scalp via high pressured air. You will absolutely feel nothing through this option. The entire procedure is explained in detail in FUE Hair Transplant Section. There, you can find all the information on hair transplant.

You only need 3 days and 2 nights in Egypt

Day 1 – The Day of the Procedure

Consultation with your doctor
Pre-op tests
Local anesthesia
Extraction of the grafts from the donor area
Canal opening
Implantation of the grafts
Hair transplant procedure takes from 6 to 8 hours under local anesthesia.

Day 2- After The Procedure

Control by the doctor
Change of the dressing
After-care instructions by the doctor
Explaining on how to wash the hair for 15 days


Operation:  Hair Transplant
Operation Goal:  Covering the receding and balding parts, provide an aesthetic look
Operation Time:  6-8 hours
Type of Anesthesia:  Local
Side Effects:  bleeding, swelling of the scalp, bruising around the eyes, itching, numbness
Risk:  Infection, necrosis
Recovery Time:  10 days. After 10 days, patients look like they have just shaved their hair.
Scarring:  Invisible scars where the grafts are extracted


A hair transplant is a safe treatment as long as it is performed by a qualified team. There might be some minor side effects such as temporary swelling and achiness on your scalp. This is nothing to worry about. You will be provided with medication after your hair transplant in case you experience any minor side effects.

After a few weeks of your hair transplant, your transplanted hair will fall out but then regrow. This is a normal phase. 6 months after your hair transplant, you will start seeing your new hair. And in 12 to 18 months, you will see the final result of your hair transplant.

A hair transplant is not an invasive surgery. For instance, it does not require general anesthesia, it is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, the recovery period is not long. Most people go back to work 3 days after hair transplant. However, you need to follow the after-care guideline properly to get the most successful results of your hair transplant.

This depends on the type of hair transplant, the number of grafts you get. But generally, a hair transplant takes around 6 to 8 hours. DHI (Direct Hair Implementation) might take longer depending on the number of grafts.

As the implanted hair is immune to fall, the hair provided with hair transplant lasts forever. However, the rest of your hair (except the donor area) may fall naturally. That’s why we request our patients to watch their hair fall and confirm that their hair fall is on a slow pace to ensure the best results after their hair transplants.

A hair transplant is not generally advised for men under the age of 21. This is because:

The pattern and progression of hair loss have usually not been fully revealed at this early age
Hair loss may continue on other areas of the scalp, the patient may need other hair transplant treatments in the future
Recurring hair transplant may weaken the donor areas

The best hair transplant type is the one that is the most suitable for you and your needs. FUE is the most commonly used hair transplant method globally. It offers pain-free and scarless hair transplant. Similar to the FUE Hair Transplant, there are also DHI and Sapphire Hair Transplants that offer great results. Each of these types come with their own pros and cons. Choosing one over another depends on your unique needs and circumstances.

Compared to the UK and the rest of Europe, Turkey offers cost-effective hair transplant. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, labor and operational costs are lower in Turkey. Secondly, the big exchange rate between Turkish Lira (TRY) and Euro (EUR) or Sterling (GBP); TRY is not as strong as the GBP or EUR.

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey varies depending on the clinic and the hair transplant method. Turkey offers a very high-quality hair transplant for affordable costs. On average, hair transplant in Turkey is 80% cheaper compared to hair transplant in the UK.