In this stage, patient contact medical tourism facilitator (MTF) or the hospital representative to enquire about medical tourism services that suit his/her medical needs.

MTF collects patient’s demographic data and medical history and send it to a healthcare provider.

If the data provided are not adequate, MTF could arrange a video conference between the patient and the physician. In this stage, the following is usually defined:

  • The patient’s treatment plan.
  • Duration of medical tourism travel.
  • Cost of Medical treatment.

Once the treatment plan is defined based on data provided by patient, MTF shall provide the following:

  • Travel itinerary.
  • A quotation for the full package including travel, medical and other expenses.
  • Sign agreements with patient on behalf of healthcare provider.
  • Finalize the necessary scheduling and bookings.

This stage starts with patient admission to the healthcare facility. Providing high quality medical service is crucial for customer satisfaction and to ensure positive experience. MTF role in this stage could range from coordination, billing, translation services, and other as deemed required.

In recovery stage, patient spend a certain amount of time in the healthcare facility depends on his/her medical condition. The main purpose of this stay is to provide the necessary medical and nursing care to restore the patient’s physical and mental health.

Medical Tourism in Egypt is popular because of the robust infrastructure, quality doctors and effective treatment. Patient safety is an important aspect of all surgical operations and treatment programs. With The Circle Care Facilitator, patients can access doctors without any waiting times involved and the environment is pleasant for recovery.

The government has launched a visa free program to most of the countries and offer affordable medical treatments, with some JCI quality accredited hospitals and clinical institutions like the ones we deal with. Egypt also stands apart because there are no language barriers, with most doctors speaking Arabic and English fluently. Moreover, the country is home to world-class hotels that make living in any Arabic city a luxurious pleasure.

Egypt is also famous as a regular touristic spot, and not just as a medical destination. The country is home to the biggest museum in the world, the biggest shopping malls and the biggest outdoor theme park. The architecture is phenomenal and the coastal strips make great adventure spots, like Hurgada and Sharm el Sheikh particularly because of the wide range of water activities, kite surfing, diving, etc

When returning home, patient have to follow certain medical instructions and precautions, depending on the type of operation or treatment that he/she had undergone.

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