As Case Manager of The Circle Care, MARINA is responsible for recieveing patient’s requests online, assessing treatment needs, handling patient’s case record,  providing  accurate quotations, connecting him/her to the right doctor i.e she accompaning the patient  through all his journey to ensure full patient services done effectively.

MARINA  is always on call and attentive to small details, developing, monitoring, and evaluating treatment plans and progress;  and facilitating interdisciplinary approaches with specialists.

MARINA has previously worked for pharmaceutical companies in Egypt, as medical representative, doing product awareness, introduceing new products, meeting both the business and scientific needs of healthcare professionals and undertaking relevant research.

MARINA has helped to Maintain accurate documentation and prepared necessary reports for collaborating agencies and various community agencies to provide services to clients.

She believes that Egyptian doctors have high potential, and her main objective is to bridge the gap between them and international non-Egyptian patients.

She has loves to teach little kids and present them entertainment shows. In her spare time, she likes to read and travel whenever it is possible!

Marina speaks Arabic, English and a bit of French