Most countries are exempted from Egyptian visa.

Otherwise, Yes, you would need a medical visa since your purpose of travel to Egypt is for medical reasons. Please send us scanned copies of the passports of the patient and his/her attendant so that we can issue the visa facilitation/invitation letter at the earliest, which will enable you to get a medical visa.

Don’t worry, The Circle Care will courier you the prescribed medicines on actual cost.

English is widely spoken throughout the country. Our affiliated hospitals’ surgeons and supportive staff are well versed in English. However, if you don’t speak Arabic, The Circle Care will organize the service of a language translator, as of your choice, who will be with you from picking up at the airport and will help you to communicate effectively during the treatment process till dropping back to the airport, at no extra cost.

We thrive on providing affordable and excellent medical services. We have chosen our affiliation on the basis of below mentioned criteria.

  • State of art infrastructure
  • Use of latest technology
  • Well experienced health care provider
  • Latest pathology and diagnostic laboratory
  • Supportive cooperative staff, their education and experience, who can understand English and other languages.
  • Excellent hospitality
  • Back-up plans and facilities to counter emergency needs – electrical power back up, enough competitive staff, blood arrangement, ambulance, escorts facility
  • Hygienic and clean surroundings
  • Review of their international, domestic, clinical and service credentials.

We will be sharing the profile of the doctors beforehand so you are well versed with his degree and experience in that particular field. However, all of the physicians/ surgeons we deal with are highly trained & have corresponding international medical qualifications. Many are trained in the UK, USA and other western countries and have specialized in their area of expertise, thereby offering you top notch care and treatment.

Absolutely not, Egypt has one of the best qualified doctors in each and every field with success rate comparable to the west. The low cost can be attributed to several reasons like lower costs of operations, favorable currency conversion against the dollar and also the high population helps the hospitals to spread their cost across various patients.

Egypt, currently receives patients from more than 30 countries across the globe. The Clinical outcomes are competing with the best international centers' having internationally qualified & experienced Doctors. In addition, the advantages for medical treatments in Egypt include reduced costs, availability of latest medical technologies, and a growing compliance with international quality standards, as well as the fact that foreigners are less likely to face a language barrier with English and Arabic friendly doctors.

Medical tourism is the process of traveling from an individual’s usual place of residence to within or outside the country for medical treatment.. The reasons for travel could be better medical care, less expensive treatment, advancement in technology, zero or no waiting time, efficiently organized hospitals and experienced specialists.

Egypt Med International we offer some hotel options that we consider most appropriate for our patients after their treatment/surgery. We have agreements with these hotels which provide us with special rates. However the patient takes the final decision and he/she is free to choose the hotel.

If a patient needs to prolong his/her stay in Egypt due to recommendation of the Egypt Med International medical team, Egypt Med International is prepared to prolong the stay without any problem and the hotel cost per day will be exactly the same as previously arranged for prior days. If additional therapies and medicines are required the patient will be responsible of these costs. If the patient would like to prolong his/her stay in Egypt for tourism reasons, we can also help with all the logistics. Finally if the patient wishes to leave Egypt earlier than planned, he should be authorized by the assigned surgeon/physician. If regardless of the recommendations of our surgical team, the patient insists in leaving earlier than planned, Egypt Med International will not be responsible for the consequences.