mummies-combo-package-Liposuction-in-abdomen-waist-and-back-Tummy-Tuck-Autologous-fat-injection-in-the-buttocks شد البطن مع شفط الاجناب و الظهر و حقن المؤخرة

Mummies Combo Package

Liposuction in abdomen, waist and back + Tummy Tuck Autologous fat injection in the buttocks شد البطن مع شفط الاجناب و الظهر و حقن المؤخرة    



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winter package

EGYPT 360 WINTER PACKAGE YOU ARE OUR VIP GUEST Why do not you enjoy a bit of FUN, SUN, AND RELAXATION following An ANNUAL CHECK UP, FILLER SESSION, DENTAL IMPLANT  or any minor procedure, not covered by your insurance. Escape the cold  gloomy days of winter and waiting lines and come spend Unforgettable vacation...

Check-up Diabetes Packages 250

Cumulative blood sugar analysis every 3 months, Fundus examination annually, Examination of oral and dental tissues every 6 months, A complete blood picture (CBC) every 6 months, Analysis of the level of Triglyceride and cholesterol level, analysis, Diabetes education course, Annual kidney function analysis, Annual electrocardiogram, Micro-albumin analysis and endocrinology...